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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is concerned with the modernization of universities ?

All the members of higher education who participate in university activities or who benefit from them (students, staff, partners) because to modernize means to provide higher quality service, to make better use of available resources, and to ameliorate the general management of institutions. Nevertheless, the Agency is aimed particularly at the university heads involved in leadership and daily management of institution by seniority, in financial management and accounting, academic decision-making, management of human resources, etc.

Is the Agency a private or public organization ?

The Agency is a public interest group, started by the Conference of University Presidents, in order to help higher education institutions fulfill their public service missions, by mutualizing resources and abilities. The Agency is funded partly by the State and partly by institutions.

Why doesn’t the State manage the Agency’s activities directly ?

The Agency is the expression of the autonomy of higher education institutions, desired by the legislature (in the law of 1984 for example) and reaffirmed by different governments for thirty years. Collaborating closely with the related departments of the Ministry, the Agency is directly led by representatives of higher education institutions.

Are universities able to provide input on the activities of the Agency ?

Yes. Not only do they determine resources, but they are also directly involved in the decision making and discussions that direct the Agency, such as voting on the budget, determining the recruitment of personnel, etc.

Does the Agency focus only on the modernization of technology ?

No. The Agency produces and distributes software applications of management, but also develops a series of other beneficial services that contribute to modernization by allowing university heads to meet, exchange ideas, and search for solutions together.

Are all universities obligated to follow the Agency and to use its products ?

No. The Agency functions on the principle of voluntary participation. Only higher education institutions that have freely chosen to join, by a vote of their own administrative council, are members of the Agency. They benefit from member discounts on Agency products but are not obligated to purchase them.

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